The customer-insights report for Not-For-Profits

The Minerva Collective’s Insight & Foresight Data Product delivers spending behaviour insights to Not-for-Profit organisations in simple, easy-to-understand and customisable reports.

Developed using de-identified transactional data, Insight & Foresight enables organisations to enrich their understanding of the people they are helping in order to increase their social impact.

With the generous support of Data Republic, Insight & Foresight is available for no cost to registered Australian Not-for-Profits.
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Discover what your customers are spending on so you can:

  • Better understand their lifestyle.
  • Provide relevant support to them, at the right time.
  • Identify other groups of people who could benefit from your services.
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Go beyond understanding what your customers are spending on now and access insights on future risk so you can:

  • Provide your existing customers with preventative help. 
  • Use data to assess the next best intervention for your customers.


  • Insight & Foresight are available as both regularly refreshed reports or as an easy-to-use customised dashboard. 
  • The products use aggregated and de-identified customer data. No personally identifiable information is shared.
  • The results are based on a range of metrics provided at segment level for your customers, for example:
    • Expenditure on fast food, alcohol or medicine relative to the population.
    • Changes in credit card spend.
    • Significant changes in location of spend. 

how it works

  1. We have a 1 hour Workshop with you to identify the kinds of metrics you'd like to see and if using Foresight, the kind of interventions your organisation can make. 
  2. You provide your individual customer PII records for submission through bank grade security infrastructure provided by our partner, Data Republic. We can walk you through this process when we meet.
  3. We merge your encrypted, de-identified data with credit card purchase data and publicly available Census data to create your base insights report and dashboard.
  4. If using Foresight, we undertake predictive analytics to develop propensity scores for your customers for certain behaviours that can inform the next best intervention to help them. 
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