Minerva Collective Project to reduce Domestic Violence

Our first major project is aiming to help reduce domestic violence by using data to inform next best interventions for victims and perpetrators. We are collaborating with stakeholders from government agencies, leading Australian companies and front-line service organisations to develop a solution. If you'd like to be involved as a volunteer or corporate sponsor, please get in touch below.

Minerva Project Criteria


Using data to expand the view of a social issue can help reveal what causes problems, which behaviours are correlated to problems and ultimately how we can better address the issue through both prevention and treatment. 

IMPROVE OUTREACH to those in need

By linking data from NFP's with commercial data we can identify common behaviours of those experiencing a problem, possibly even from before the onset of the issue. This enables preventative and treatment services to be efficiently provided to those who are most likely to need it.


Leading NFP's know that securing funding is increasingly reliant on proving impact. The challenge is finding data to measure the state of an issue before and after they've helped. Commercial data can build a real-time metric of a social issue across locations and demographics to help prove impact.

Get in touch about starting a Minerva Project

data for social good partners

  • Already working on a data for good project? We want to help boost your projects with additional data and/or people. 
  • Have a community of people wanting to use data for good? We want to work with you to give your group the chance to play with rich datasets. 
  • Looking to develop a new data for good project? We want to collaborate with you to identify new powerful project opportunities.

not-for-profit organisations 

  • Want to use data to measure your impact or improve your targeting? We can help develop a Minerva Project to supply the required data and people.
  • Need help analysing your own data? We can connect you with data analysts looking to help out.
  • Interested to get some data validating your approach? We can find a way to back you up with the facts. 

Consumer Privacy

Minerva and Data Republic, our data exchange platform partner, take consumer privacy seriously.
That’s why we use Data Republic's infrastructure which protects consumer identity and doesn’t reveal any personal information. Only anonymous and de-identified data can be uploaded or exchanged on Data Republic's environment. We happily comply with all Australian consumer laws as well as all principles of the Privacy Act 1988. You can learn more about how Data Republic's platform manages privacy here


Project Ethics

Beyond ensuring all projects are legally compliant and undertaken on a secure data exchange platform, we take the ethical considerations of Minerva Projects very seriously. With the capacity to use anonymised data on individuals comes the potential to make a profound difference to our societies’ problems. However, this needs to be balanced with the ethical implications of looking at an individual’s behaviours and prioritising outreach. To help us navigate these considerations we are forming an Ethics Committee from our Board of Advisors. If you’d like to help us shape our policy please get in touch.