The Minerva Program incentivises companies to supply their people and data for social good projects by proving the commercial value


The benefits of engaging with the Minerva Program outweigh the inputs

Companies that adopt the Minerva Program can access the following tools designed to support existing engagement initiatives.


employee Engagement program

  • Structure for engaging employees with different skills in project development. 
  • Training to upskill employees in best practice data science and analytics.
  • Process for identifying relevant projects based on employee interests.  


  • Support with identifying relevant projects to help develop.
  • Structure to progress projects through development stages.
  • Matching to not-for-profit organisations to benefit from projects.
  • Matching to other partners to support project development.

currency mechanism to measure value

  • Recommended format to quantify inputs of employee time & company assets.
  • Recommended format to quantify benefits of projects including engagement and earned media coverage.
  • Currency Dashboard to record value of inputs & benefits.